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    Managed Services

    Let UCIT take care of the IT and free up your staff.

    Let UCIT take care of the IT so you can allocate your staff to tasks crucial to your business.


    Platinum – more than 20 hours a month, 1 year commitment
    Premium – more than 6 hours a month, 1 year commitment.
    Standard – standard ad-hoc rate.
    Project – minimum 20 hour block to be consumed within 1 year.

    These contracts can be customised to meet your business requirements (per hour, per device or fully outsourced).

    For the fully outsourced model; we need to familiarise ourselves with your network before we are able to price up a contract. To do this we recommend that we complete a full audit of your systems.


    Our technicians are competent and reliable. We operate in a range of different industries, all with their own unique cultures. Our mandate is to resolve issues as quickly as possible and leave the workplace in a better condition than when we first arrived.

    Ticketing system

    Cases and interactions are logged in our ticketing system. We believe it’s important to be transparent with all of our work. This helps keep you up to date with exactly what is happening with your environment and is a useful tool when reviewing IT budgets to help forecast expenditure.


    Technology never sleeps. There is always a patch, an update, a new piece of hardware, a new app, a better or cheaper way of doing things. UCIT keeps an open mind when looking at all new technology. By looking at each opportunity without bias we are able to ensure our recommendations are based off the best available options.


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