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    Where is my data stored?

    In a Vocus data centre in the Perth CBD. Office 365 is stored in Australia, separate to the UCIT hosting platform.

    Is a UCIT Cloud Solution the right choice for my business?

    Most businesses will benefit from a cloud solution, our pre sales team will work with you to determine the best products to encapsulate all of your business needs.

    Is a UCIT Cloud Solution safe?

    Traditional on site setups can become a case of “set and forget”. If there is no pro active maintenance, security is often an afterthought following a breach. UCIT employs a range of security platforms and features to help keep your systems secure. Security is constantly evolving and we adopt new security standards and defensive techniques as they become available. Your business will benefit enterprise solutions at a fraction of the cost.

    Where is the support?

    From our Perth based System Engineers – you have a direct line to their mobile and they can provide on-site assistance as well.

    Can I get a trial?

    Yes – we can setup an obligation free 30 day trial of a cloud environment.
    This trial has limited functionality and is designed to demonstrate the performance of a Private Cloud Solution.

    Where is my data stored?

    Across two Vocus data centres located in the Perth CBD.

    Is it safe?

    UCIT makes use of a range of industry leading security platforms, that coupled with adhering to best practices and constant monitoring helps minimise security risks.

    Can I get 24 hour support?

    Yes – if your business requires support outside of standard business hours (8:30am – 5PM Monday to Friday) a maintenance plan can be arranged to include access to an on-call engineer. This option is not available to ad-hoc clients.

    What industries do you support?

    UCIT supports clients across a range of industries: retail, construction, real estate, law, engineering, disability employment, insurance, hospitality, medical, waste management, education, information technology, mining, automotive, finance and not of profit.

    Is it cost effective?

    Using the 2017 Hays Salary Guide, a dedicated cloud engineer in Perth costs $90 – 120k a year. This is a single resource with a single skill set.

    Hiring IT staff can be a daunting task, a candidate can look excellent on paper but not perform in real world scenarios. They may require time off work if they are sick, need to arrange cover for holidays or other events leaving your business potentially exposed.

    Working within a single business, extra attention has to be made to allow adequate professional development and training to keep up with emerging technologies.

    With UCIT you have access to a range of engineers who have experience across a range of industries, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated staff member.


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