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Managed Services

By operating as an outsourced IT Department UCIT gives clients greater freedom to relocate resources to more crucial tasks.

We offer three tiers of Service Level Agreements.

Platinum - more than 20 hours a month
Premium - more than 6 hours a month
Standard - standard ad-hoc rate.

These contracts can be customised to meet your business requirements with the following options available.

Per Hour - Based on a minimum of 6 hours per month
Per Device - Can be from 1 to many
Fully Outsourced - UCIT takes care of all your IT needs.

For the Fully Outsourced model; we need to familiarise ourselves with your network before we are able to price up a contract. To do this we recommend that we complete a full audit of your systems.

New Business set ups

IT for any business is crucial. It needs to be setup correctly for it to be an effective toolkit for your business. We will help you make the right decisions from day one, to help give your business the best chance of success.

Have you just started a new business? Not sure where to start when it comes to IT? Call UCIT and we'll help design a tailor made solution that's right for your business.

UCIT can:

  • Assess your business requirements.
  • Provide quotes on hardware, software and labour.
  • Take care of installation and Project Management.
  • Provide pro-active support through a maintenance agreement.

Infrastructure upgrades

Have you already got existing IT equipment that's not meeting your business needs, but aren't sure what needs to be replaced? Call UCIT and we'll provide a roadmap to not only maximise the return on your current investment, but meet your future business needs as well.

UCIT can:

  • Assess your business requirements.
  • Determine what hardware / software can be used.
  • Provide quotes on hardware, software and labour for the upgrades.
  • Take care of installation and Project Management.
  • Provide pro-active support through a maintenance agreement.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud - it's a great buzzword that a lot of people don't really understand. UCIT offers a true Private Cloud solution, custom designed for your company instead of making you fit into a generic package like our competitors.

  • Fully supported by local WA staff.
  • Complete solutions ranging from hosting to end user support.
  • Modular options like antivirus, antispam, proxy and content control for business not ready to fully move to the cloud.


Cloud Migrations

Just because you have all your servers on site, doesn't mean the cloud is beyond your reach. UCIT can help migrate your current setup to the cloud.


UCIT liaises with industry leaders to ensure you're getting the right equipment for your business. We promote business grade warranties to prevent downtime, data loss and to give you peace of mind.

Domain Hosting

Are your domains up for renewal? Call UCIT for a quote and find out how much you should be spending.

Off-site Backup

Backups are only as good as the policy behind them. If you don't have an off site backup and you lose your main premises, you're looking at a huge amount of data loss. Emails, network files, projects, Accounting / Financial data... all gone.

All too often the responsibility of taking backups off site relies on human intervention. UCIT can setup automated, off site backups services to help strengthen your disaster recovery plans.

  • Hosted in secure data centre.
  • We provide copies of EOFY and EOY backups.
  • Aids compliance with IT audits.


UCIT can assess and review your current systems and provide you with a road map to move forward. There are two options: Basic and Full.

Basic audits cover the important categories to help make decisions about what improvements can be made.

  • Are the servers in warranty?
  • If the servers fail, how long will it take to get up and running?
  • Is everything being backed up properly?
  • Is your software licensing legal?

Full audits are a much higher standard of documentation that are charged at an hourly rate. UCIT would work with you to determine the scope and associated charges.

IT Consulting

IT is a rapidly changing and very broad industry. UCIT is involved with many different businesses across a variety of sectors.

Contact us so you can benefit from our extensive experience. We can provide a range of solutions and advice to help make those IT decisions easier. At UCIT we speak your language, we will take the time to explain things to you in ways you can understand.